What Dr Indika's clients are saying about the support they've received

Patti, 59, Entrepreneur

Feels like a 20 year old again
"It wasn't that long ago that I had to have a nap everyday, now it doesn't even cross my mind. My friends can see a change in me and they want to know what my secret is."
I am truly so grateful to have found Indika and feel with her help I can take responsibility for my health and support my body to heal and become strong and healthy. I am loving being able to find a reason for the disease in my body and then working on a plan to resolve the problem.
Lindsey, 63, Entrepreneur
I found it incredibly helpful to talk through all of my results and my health background and to have such clear wise directions as to where to start and what I need to do - I am incredibly grateful.
Camilla, 36, Mother, Teacher
Clear description of what we've done so far and next steps and why - plus importantly (as it is naturally an information overload) how to get support/clarification if required.
Seán, 43, Father of 3
It feels like a team effort, its thorough. I've gained a deep understanding of health and getting to the root of my problems has really helped.
Claire, 48
Good feedback on the form I submitted. Things are moving in the correct direction now. I definitely feel that any medical issues are being dealt with and investigated thoroughly at every step which is a huge benefit/comfort. I have experts on hand to help/advise continually.
Catherine, 55, Graphic Designer
Your attention to detail and giving information, generally pleasant and helpful
Anne, 79, retired
Being able to feel that I am being proactive as much as I am able to be and by having someone to monitor things I feel that I can move forward in a more positive way. I have had more in depth testing than ever before and so have a better idea of what needs working on.
Sarah, 63, Mother and ‘Domestic Engineer’!
I was starting to feel lethargic, especially with lockdown and working from home, my life felt different, I was becoming complacent with my health and weight. So I tried the reset programme with Dr Indika as I needed to be mentored through to change. Now I feel lighter again, in mind and body.

It gave me the tools to eat smarter, while encouraging me to focus on my wellbeing. I have fibroids and usually have the worst periods, however this is the 4th month I've not needed painkillers. My hay-fever is also so much more manageable. This is not just about weight, this has reset my health, mindset and life. Dr Indika is an empathetic person, she really cared about helping me to feel better, she was listening to me and now I feel great.
Ray, 34, Product Delivery Lead